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Dear Ms. Angelique, I learned A LOT of important things about relationships and how to be safe, before, and during my relationships. Thank you for teaching us. You are a very inspiring person. I really enjoyed having you in class. Thanks.- Kassidy (Student), November, 2010
I learned so much. I learned that when I am older and ready for a relationshiip how to use protection, and what risks to avoid. I like talking about relationships, and you are fun and funny. I now know that people have agenda's and certain expectations of other people in relationships, and I need to make sure that whoever I date has a lot in common with me. Thank You!- T. Wade (Teen), April, 2010
I felt our workshops were very informational and helpful. One thing I really enjoyed was the demos of the different options of birth control because that will help lots of young girls. Thanks.-Bianca XOXO (pre-teen) November, 2011
My experience with L.A.D.Y. Inc. University was incredible and amazing. I learned so much about myself and about healthy relationships. Ms. Sharpe is an outgoing, amazing, caring and loving lady who taught me so much. And i know if I ever need someone to talk to I can go to her. You are a amazing woman, Im glad I took your class. Thank you for everything.- Hannah Damman (young adult mother) April 2012
Angelique- Please Keep in touch with me next year, I loved having you and would like to have you again. I am happy to help and keep up the good work. -Amanda Schenk- Montessori High School (Health/P.E. Educator) 2011
Angelique was a teenager when she started working with the League of Martin. All of us were police officers who were impressed with her desire to move forward. She was and is a deeply compassionate individual who is devoted to the Community. Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.-  Lenard Wells, PH.D. Retired Lieutenant- Milwaukee Police Department- 2012
Angelique, Thank you for your preparations and creativity in teaching Healthy Relationship Education at Community High School. It is truly a pleasure working with you and watching the students make those very important life connections. I am looking forward to many more informational and exciting Wed. afternoons. Our students were engaged, interested, and most importantly they were heard. You have made a lasting and positive impression on all of us in what appears to be an arena where everyone is included and can learn about life. Thank You again.

- Brenda Windom, Community High School/Juneau Campus (Administrator), March, 2009

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