Adult and Family Services

Because Parents and families are the primary caregivers in the lives of our youth, we do our part to support them! We Provide quality services for adults and families by partnering with local businesses and agencies who have parent support groups, family events and engagement workshops!

Some of the educational workshops that we offer:

  1. Healthy Relationship Preparation without discrimination to sexual orientation
  2. Healthy Marriage Preparation Education
  3. Marriage Enhancement Education
  4. Fostering Healthy Relationships at Work & Networking Tips

Some of the topics that we teach:

  • Is my relationship safe?
  • dangerous love
  • Sliding VS deciding
  • Are you Playing or Staying?
  • should I stay or Should I go
  • Commitment
  • My family background/Baggage
  • What it means to Forgive
  • Priorities and Sacrifices
  • Problem Behaviors
  • The role of Expectations, are yours reasonable or unreasonable?
  • Healthy Communication
  • Communication Dangers in relationships
  • What’s my vision?
  • Practicing the Time Out Skill
  • Problem solving “our issues”
  • the listener and speaker technique
  • complaining
  • What I like about you
  • Why Parental involvement is important in your child’s education