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We are excited to welcome you to the L.A.D.Y. Inc University (L.I.U.) Ledger Online. The Ledger is L.A.D.Y. Inc University's Monthly Newsletter that goes home to our families whom we update on all of our events, causes, and plans on a monthly basis. Although similar, the "Blog-style" L.I.U. Ledger Online, is our modified version for social networking purposes, and only includes our highlights, monthly Guardian Tips, and our Community Corner provides information about child-related events and services for each month. Future issues will cover goals and missions, activities, events, and partner support activities. We also plan to spotlight staff, partners, interns and community members who exemplify the best that L.A.D.Y. Inc University has to offer. We hope that as we keep you informed, you grow to love and appreciate the efforts of L.A.D.Y. Inc. University and our contribution to our community.

December 2014


L.A.D.Y. Inc University is now enrolling for the upcoming new year!!

L.A.D.Y. Inc University is a Child & Youth Development and Training Center located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Acronym L.A.D.Y. represents: "Leading And Developing Youth," which is the core of our mission and purpose of our existence.

We are also proud UWM School of Education Graduates, The Graduate School, and members of the UWM alumni association




High Quality Child Care is eroding at an alarming rate in the Milwaukee area. Businesses are being fined and sanctioned and are forced to close their doors leaving parents scrambling to find care for their children. Are you or someone you know looking for high quality early childhood education? IF SO, THEN SEARCH NO MORE! No more accepting CRUMBS from people who refuse to go above getting more training than those 3 or 4 workshops the state requires childcare teachers to have. Our Children are already being left behind in the public school system, and together, with parents, and seasoned educators, we can be the change! Give your child a TRUE HEAD START & prepare them for their formal school experience! We have been providing care for children and youth for over 15 years. In addition to the workshops the state requires, our leader teacher has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education! Additionally, The State of Wisconsin recognizes 17 career levels for child care providers, and our Lead Teacher is a level 16 Master Trainer as we believe think it is important to be able to give your child the BEST care.


What we offer:

*Family based environment, smoke free, no pets
*Health & Physical Development
*Language Development & Communication
*Cultural Diversity Programming
*Media & Technology Learning
*Social & Emotional Development
*Cognitive & Academic Development
*Healthy Meals & Snacks (included in tuition)
* General Play

private pay and Wisconsin shares child care subsidy accepted!

**transportation Provided, but space is limited**

Tuition Rates are Weekly-Please note, these rates are per child. Fees are not reduced for children of the same family.

L.A.D.Y. Inc University tuition rates.
*Please note that L.A.D.Y. Inc University has future plans to expand to group care and tuition fees may change

(our tuition is 100% fair, and non discriminatory. We only charge the same rates as the state subsidy reimburses meaning that all parents will pay the same amount regardless if private pay or wisconsin shares).

$190/week ages 0-2
$175/week ages 2-3
$165/week 4-5
$155/week 6+

Don't wait, call 414-688-LADY (5239) TODAY!


Please supports our causes by donating. For other methods of donation, please see our donation page.

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