At L.A.D.Y. Inc.® University, we promote the following in our child and youth care:


  • We believe that Child & Youth Care Professionals must have both the capacity and desire to love develop each child & youth they work with. We will warmly welcome all children and youth that we come in contact with open arms. We decree that we will not discriminate against any child or youth in our care regardless of age, race, size, gender, disability, socio-economic status, or religion.


  • We will provide a safe & comfortable “family friendly” environment for the children and youth we work with to learn in & explore the world around them. We will offer several options that invite them to participate in activities. We foster the strong development of a high self-esteem among them, so that they can feel good about themselves. Our objective is to create a “home away from home,” surrounding for children & youth; a place where each child & youth can learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially at their own pace.


  • We will approach children, youth, and their families with understanding & respect to their family’s cultural and family practices. We believe in allowing children, youth and their parents acceptable outlets to express their needs, feelings, and emotions. We will connect families in need with resources to help parents provide for their families.


  • Our approach to learning is optimistic as we believe that everyone is born with a set of gifts and talents and that all children and youth can learn. Each child & youth will progress at their own rate, motivated by their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We apply individual based learning practices by being assertive to their specific interests and abilities. In this way, learning is not a race or a chore, but a route to discovery.


  • It takes a community to raise a child, but their foundation begins at home, and I believe that a quality Child & Youth worker’s role should always include supporting parents. If there is ever a service that we cannot provide for a child, we will prepare a list of referral services for parents that consists of other organizations and services that can provide care in areas where we cannot. We will communicate and coordinate strategic parental involvement in children & Youth’s development. We believe that with assertive parental involvement, positive role modeling, and consistent guidance techniques all children will be encouraged and motivated to strive towards endless possibilities.


  • We believe that the term “at-risk” applies to all children and youth. All children and youth eventually come face to face with struggles, conflict, adversity, and challenging life obstacles. We guide child behavior with seasoned techniques such as: redirection, setting rules/boundaries, positive reinforcement, and the reiteration of our universal rule of Respect. Each child and Youth will understand that respect for each other, respect for oneself, and respect for the environment are required in order to have peace and have cooperative engagement with others. Myself, and those I train will respond in a gentle, controlled manner when needing to correct or redirect a child’s behavior. We will guide each youth and child’s behavior with love. Often, we encourage multi-aged child and youth engagement, which builds a sense of community, helps older children develop responsibility and self-esteem, and inspires younger children to meet their potential. This is so by the time little ones get into school they will be able to handle situations by speaking out and standing up for themselves. And the school age children can reinforce what they already know. In our multi-aged classes, younger children learn from older children.


  • We believe that standing side by side collectively as a community to advocate for, and protect our children & Youth, we can provide a strong and resourceful support structure for youth, their families, and our community as a whole.


  • “Each day, we wake up with a reminder that we are Stakeholders, Permanent investors in the future of our youth”- Angelique L. Sharpe(2009)