L.A.D.Y. Inc.® University™ (L.I.U.™) is a 3-Star rated full-service education and childcare services provider located in the heart of the Merrill Park community in the city of Milwaukee, WI. We were founded in 2009 as a family home center by our  Founder/CEO Ms. Angelique L. Sharpe, M.Ed. After six years of faithful serves to our families in this former setting, we expanding our facilities to our new west campus facilities.

Our Mission

  • To set the bar high and lead in providing high quality, accessible, and safe Child & Youth care in the Milwaukee area.

Our Vision

  • To instill in children and youth a love for learning, a passion for our neighbors, and a love for our community at a very early age.

Our Acronym

  • “L.A.D.Y.” represents: “Leading And Developing Youth,” which is the core of our mission and purpose of our existence.

Our Slogan

  • Encompasses the total of what we do which is Educating Youth, Engaging Parents, & Empowering Communities!”