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Milwaukee has astonishing poverty statistics. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Milwaukee is the 4th poorest big city in the United States with:

  • 41% of children living poverty.
  • 42% of people that are homeless are families with children.
  • 2 out of 3 of babies are born to single mothers.
  • More babies die in Milwaukee than in any other city in the nation.
  • 54% of families earn less than $15,000 a year.
  • Milwaukee has one of the highest black male jobless rate in the USA, with more extreme-poverty neighborhoods than LA, NYC, Detroit, or Washington DC.

Child & Youth Care reform from the state level is contributing to the shortage of available facilities as incumbent childcare facilities in the area are being sanctioned or forced to close their doors which has the effect of provoking many parents to assess the effectiveness and quality of childcare in the area. Parents are left shopping around other locales/neighborhoods for high quality childcare providers who can ensure the educational and social development needed for their child in this increasingly competitive society.

Additionally, Funding for Youth Development Programs is extremely competitive, leaving youth focused organizations scrambling to come up with funds to provide programming and staff development training for their employees. This also cuts out crucial programming that could engage youth and keep them off the streets and in positive programs.

L.A.D.Y. Inc University will do its part to help lower these numbers and support our community's Children & Youth by:

  • Providing High Quality and Safe Childcare & Youth Work Services for children, youth, and teens ranging from ages 6 weeks- 19 years.
  • Providing Educational Training opportunities for our staff, clients, and the community.
  • Offer affordable employment training for those with career goals in Education and Youth Work.
  • Partnering with other community agencies to create a resource and referral network to help advocate for children and youth.

About L.A.D.Y. Inc University

L.A.D.Y. Inc University is a Child & Youth Development and Training Center located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Acronym L.A.D.Y. represents: "Leading And Developing Youth," which is the core of our mission and purpose of our existence.

L.A.D.Y. Inc University’s Vision:

Our vision is that we will instill in Children and Youth, a love for learning, and community at a very early age, motivate families to embrace their role as the primary caregiver and educator in their children’s lives, and inspire the broader community to serve as investors in the future of our youth.

L.A.D.Y. Inc University’s Mission:

Our core mission is to set the bar high and lead in providing high quality, accessible, and safe Child & Youth care in the Milwaukee Area for residents regardless of income, age, race, religion, disability, size, gender, or sexual orientation. Our secondary intent is to transform the understanding of the importance of high quality Child & Youth Care and how it serves as the foundation of their education and has a direct impact on their readiness to perform in a traditional public or private school setting, and their preparedness to successfully transition into adulthood.
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